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The library of Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick

☁ Thoughts:

This is a warm, cozy book to read on a nice day.

The protagonist would have sacrificed her whole life for others, she keeps everybody around her happy and at one time, she doesn’t know how to make herself happy.

It’s sweet to take care of your parents, but don’t let them control your life, draw a line there. Since we have one life, try making something out of it, something you want.

It’s never too late to live for yourself, you can always start your life, age is just a state of mind.

It’s good to protect children with lies, it shows how much the parents love the kid, but it’s important to let them know everything and let them decide what they want in their life.

🏆 Takeaway:

If one thing I can take from this book, is breaking the chains, we’ve all got just one life, live as you wish, do the right thing, learn to say no, never hurt your self-esteem, and never let people take you for granted.

Keep reading books, and keep growing your imaginative space, it helps you escape/overcome tough times.