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Don't lose your mind, lose your weight by Diwekar Rujuta


✨ The human body is designed for continuous activity.

✨ Loss of muscle tissue or its breakdown is associated with aging and the one thing that will turn exercise into an anti-aging activity is protein. Because amino acids help us repair our tissues and recover from the stress that exercises place on our body.


This book gives the most fundamental understanding of how the diet and stomach work and how the human body functions with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Diet has become a scary thing for everybody out there. People have come to the conclusion that diet is a means to harm your body to lose weight, that’s how diet is being marketed.

The truth is that diet is just the consumption of healthy food necessary for our body which includes all kinds of nutrients needed for it.

People follow intense diet plans, which is absolutely unnecessary when you understand how your stomach works. We care about our heart, lungs and liver and etc, oftentimes we forget about the stomach.

This book stresses understanding the working of the stomach. What exactly does it need to function properly and keep you healthy and fit?

According to Ayurveda, the mind, and body are connected, if the mind accepts a healthy diet, the body does. If your mind is healthy and positive, your body will glow with good vibes and stay healthy.

Exercise is non-negotiable. Unless you exercise, you’ll never see enough results.

🎯 Exercise suggestions :

  • Weight training: twice a week for not more than 60mins.

  • Yoga: You can do yoga daily, keep your stomach relatively empty before you start yoga, and have a healthy meal post your yoga class.

  • Walking: Try running for 30mins, try running instead of just walking. Start small, run for 30secs, and build up slowly to 3 to 13 mins over few months. Try interval training, run for a while, then walk and keep repeating this cycle.

4 principles of Eating right:

  1. Never wake up to tea or coffee Eating first thing in the body leads to

    • Increase in blood sugar and energy levels
    • Increase in metabolic rate and fat burning
    • Decrease in acidity and bloating
  2. Eat every 2 hours

    • The conducive environment in the body to burn fat
    • Fewer calories converted to fat
    • Smarter thinking because the brain gets a regular flow of sugar
    • Flatter stomach no need to hold on to fat stores
  3. Eat more when you’re more active and eat less when you’re less active

  4. Finish your last meal at least 2 hours prior to sleeping.


  1. Eat mindfully without any distraction. Enjoy the moment, your brain should only work on digesting while eating, multitasking only causes harm.

  2. Eat every 2 hours, this can be very difficult to practice, but we can take small steps:

    1. Soon after you wake up, drink some water or protein shake
    2. Have a healthy wholesome breakfast(because your body is capable of digesting maximum high rich diet from 7 am to 11 am) Don’t skip breakfast
    3. Have a cup of nuts or fruits or milk or channa anything mid-lunch
    4. Have nice food like rice or daal or veggies for lunch.
    5. Have some peanuts or anything in your hand, and eat it.
    6. Evening if you have plans on working out, have fruits or anything before workout
    7. Have a light dinner 2 hours prior to your sleep
  3. Compulsory move your body, it’s a must we should exercise for at least 3 times a week. It’s an absolute necessity. The human body needs exercise, that’s how it’s genetically wired, once we take that out of proportion, we are prone to all kinds of disease and discomfort

    1. Skipping for 10mins
    2. Yoga and meditation
    3. Walk for 30mins
    4. Anything that keeps you happy and active will do magic
  4. Diet or exercise are not mutually exclusive, they go hand-in-hand, you should do both to see great results.

  5. 6 steps for adopting healthy life:

    • Wake up closer to sunrise
    • Eat within 10 mins of waking up
    • Eat a nice home-cooked breakfast
    • Eat your dinner before 2 hours of sleep time
    • Sleep at a fixed time
  6. Path to staying fit

    • Cook something for you
    • Maintain silence as a regular practice, able to control your tongue
    • Try and adopt a cross-legged posture while eating
    • Learn something new every year. Keeps young from within and it shows on your body
    • Now is the best time to start(Now)

Final thoughts:

⭐️ Don’t ever go on extreme diets - they’re not sustainable and just do what works in a long run.

⭐️ Dieting should not involve starving yourself, you should eat to lose weight.

⭐️ Never go on a diet - change your lifestyle.

⭐️ Know thy stomach.

⭐️ Information without awareness is useless.